QuoteMedia’s next generation JSON-powered HTML5 market data widgets provide unprecedented customization and integration capabilities. Quickly and seamlessly integrate financial market data content into a mobile ready website or portal. QMod financial widgets display stock quotes, indices, options, commodities, forex data, mutual funds, news, charting, filings, corporate financials, earnings reports, analyst recommendations, insider reports, historical data, calendars, events, market research and much more, all in attractive dynamic visualizations. 

Key Features

  • Next-generation HTML5 charting, visualization and rendering
  • High-performance, cloud-based, dynamic market data content
  • Dynamic SEO friendly content
  • Responsive mobile design, automatically adjusts to screen size
  • Touch-optimization on touch devices
  • HTML templating - Full customization of content, layout, colors, navigation
  • Dynamic widget updates (independent of page load)
  • Asynchronous / non-blocking – ensures website always loads
  • Custom Error Handling and Reporting
  • No Conflict Methodology – does not interfere with existing scripts

Key Benefits

  • Improved Reduce Bounce Rate with exciting user experience increases stickiness of your website
  • Professional look and feel upgrades your website and portal instantly
  • Hosted solution reduces or removes costly exchange requirements and fees
  • Seamless  customizations ensure the integrity of your brand and look-and-feel
  • Easy plug and play integration into any website or portal – go to market today

Bottom Line

QMod tools and widgets are ideal for financial websites, online portals and applications because they are incredibly easy to implement, they are endlessly customizable, and they are the most attractive and functional products of their kind on the market.  They are also mobile-ready, because they automatically re-size and optimize based on the type of device they are viewed on – whether a lap top, tablet, or any model of mobile phone.  QMod provides dynamic web content optimized for search engine indexing – whereas the content and associated links delivered through our competitors’ widgets are generally invisible to search engine web crawlers.