Streamer Mobile users with Blackberry OS 6.0 and higher can install the browser icon by following these instructions: (1) Select the "Browser" icon from your home page to launch your Internet browser. (2) Type the web page you want to bookmark into the address bar on your browser and press "Enter." Wait for the page to load before continuing. (3) Press the "BlackBerry" key to bring up the pop-up menu and select "Add to Home Screen" from that menu. (4) Type in the name of the bookmark in the first text box on the screen. This box will default to the name of the page. (5) Choose the folder that you want to save the bookmark to by selecting the box next to "Location" and choosing your desired folder from the drop-down menu. Press "Add" when you are ready to add the bookmark. Your bookmark will now be an icon on your home screen, or in the folder you selected.