QuoteMedia is providing a self-service solution for non-professional developers that need access to streaming raw data for developing their personal applications. The Quotestream Connect for Developers service provides a combination of streaming and request apis and market data to power the development of your custom application for your own non-professional use. 

Quotestream Connect for Developers has the following features:

  • Developer Kits with documentation built for developers along with example code.

  • Access to our Documentation repository that includes

    • Market DataTypes defined for easy implementation

    • API parameter outlines

    • Symbology defined

    • Exchange code detail

Quotestream Connect for Developers’ key benefits include:

  • Service: From our easy to use self-service registration to our responsive customer support systems, QuoteMedia has a well-deserved reputation for superior customer service and attentiveness to customer needs.

  • Speed: Ultra-low latency of less than 1 millisecond introduced by our data normalization process.

  • Quality: Delivered unfiltered from the exchanges, with anomalies flagged and managed to ensure optimal data integrity.

  • Reliability: Underpinned by our fully redundant data centres, state of the art hardware and optimized software, we “uptime” guarantee it!

  • FlexibilityWith extremely user-friendly interfaces, simple messaging formats, proprietary compression technology, multiple delivery options, and straightforward connectivity, quick and easy is our focus for our customers.

  • Coverage: QuoteMedia provides comprehensive real-time coverage of all North American markets (USA and Canada), LSE, and international indices and currencies. Delayed US and Canadian date has complete coverage included in our Quotestream Connect packages.


The Quotestream Connect for Developers Base Package provides access to delayed streaming price data on 500 concurrent symbols, and delayed and EOD snap request APIs.  It includes: Tick-by-tick streaming data, 90 days of historical intraday and EOD data (excludes bid/ask data at time of trade), continuation data on futures, and ability to perform symbol lookups.  Real-Time data can be added for US, Canadian, or Great Britain stocks as well as Forex and North American Options and Futures.  Additional historical data packages are available as an add-on.

The Quotestream Connect Options Package includes access to delayed options data and option request APIs.


The Quotestream Connect News Package includes: By request News data services that are also available for integration into 3rd party applications.

The Quotestream Connect Company Package includes company research data such as Company Profiles, Key Ratios and Performance, Executives and Insiders.

The Quotestream Connect Fundamentals Package includes fundamental, financial and filings data.

The Quotestream Connect Earnings Package includes company earnings data.

The Quotestream Connect Splits and Dividends Package includes company splits and dividends data.

The Quotestream Connect Level 2/ Market Depth Package provides access to Level 2 data for 10 concurrent symbols (Real-time Level 2 data subscription required).

Add an upgrade to 750-1000 streaming symbols.

Additional History of 10 years of EOD data

The specific Request APIs included in each package can be found in the Quotestream Connect For Developers Request API Services Introduction

Getting Started:

To get started using the Quotestream Connect follow this quick start guide for creating a Session ID and accessing data through APIs.

Getting Authenticated

All of our APIs will require that you create a Session ID (SID) and pass it along in the request string as illustrated in our examples. You will need to use your Quotestream Connect account username and password using one of our JSON REST APIs. Please note, your webmasterId is: 103680 

Note: Any JSON authenticate call with the same combination of Client ID/username/password will kill a previously active session.

Session Management

Please refer to the following guide: How to Integrate the Streaming Datafeed API and Request API Services at the User Level.

Getting Access to Data

Streaming Datafeed Access

The Streaming API Developer Kit contains information on connecting to our Streaming Datafeed API.The User Credentials Example Files located in the Streaming API Developer Kit will help to get you initially connected to the Streaming Datafeed API.

1. Log in with your user credentials.

2. Connect as a web socket.

3. Issue a subscribe command for exchanges that your user account is entitled to. (subscribe exchange)

4. Subscribe for a symbol - subscribe SYMBOL QUOTE, PRICEDATA

5. Continue symbol subscriptions.

6. If desired, issue an unsubscribe command for symbols in step 4 and 5.

7. Close connection.

Market Data Types

A table of fields and data types for the Streaming Datafeed API is available at the following link: Market Data Types.

Request API Access

Once you have successfully generated the SID, you append the API request with the valid SID as the example shows here:



The Quotestream Connect service includes access to select Request API services which provide data on a "by request" basis. This provides a holistic solution to financial data needs within 3rd party applications. Documentation for the Request API services included in Quotestream Connect can be accessed here.



Further details on implementation considerations are as follows:

  • Failover: Guidance for Streaming Service failover implementation between our West Coast (YVR) and East Coast (NJ) servers can be found here: Failover.
  • Confluation: Further details of how the Streaming Datafeed API supports Conflation to help deal with large amounts of data such as Options and Level 2 can be found here: Conflation.
  • Symbology: The financial instrument symbology used by QuoteMedia, with examples encompassing most markets and security types can be found here: Symbology.
  • Exchange Codes: A list of the internal QuoteMedia identifier for all exchanges, markets and indices we currently have available can be found here: Exchange Codes.

Developing with the APIs


Please be reminded that this product is intended for Non-Professional Developers to develop their own 3rd party applications independently. This from this point, your next step is to start looking at the documentation and the example code provided.  If integrating Quotestream Connect registration within your third party application, please see the end of this document for contact details and further information regarding the registration process.


Contractual Requirements

Redistribution of streaming data using Quotestream Connect is strictly prohibited. Quotestream Connect is only to be used for display purposes. Subscribers may not provide, distribute or display Information received through Quotestream Connect to any other Person (even Persons within the same company or firm).  Should an Information Provider determine that additional fees and/or penalties are due as a result of redistribution of Information, or other misuse of Quotestream Connect (including using the data for non-display purposes, as defined by the relevant Information Provider) by Client or its Subscriber(s), Client shall be responsible for, and immediately pay, those additional fees and/or penalties.

Quotestream Connect for Developers is for non-professional individuals. The market data can not be used in applications that are intended for commercial use or resale. If the application does transition to a commercial product user is required to contact QuoteMedia to ensure proper licensing is in place.

Please contact QuoteMedia in order to obtain your QuoteMedia Developer Agreement.

Developer Support for Quotestream Connect


1. Email support@quotemedia.com  to open your ticket.

2. Include your name, WMID, and username

3. Include contact details

4. Include details of the inquiry and an indication of the urgency of the request.


Our Customer Service Representatives will make every effort to respond on the same day and at least within 24 business hours. Contact your Account Manager or Implementation Specialist as an alternative support channel.