A Module is a section of the Live Streamer Desktop Application that contains unique stock market data. For example, the "Options Chain" module allows you to view all of the bid and ask options data and the "Portfolio Manager" allows you to view basic Level 1 data on your stock symbols.

A Workspace is a series of modules that are organized into a functional display area to help you analyze stock data. A workspace will preserve the last configured layout of modules each time you enter and exit the Live Streamer Desktop Application.

Follow these steps to modify, create, or delete a workspace:

Create a Workspace

1. Click on 'Workspaces' on the main menu and select 'New Workspace'

2. A new window appears that allows you to enter a new workspace name in the "Workspace Name" field.

In the "Initial Layout" section, you can then configure a layout of the new workspace. If you click the up and down arrows underneath the "Initial Layout" area, you can add lines and rows to creates empty boxes. When you click on "OK" button at the bottom, your new workspace will be created.

3. You can choose the type of module that will appear in each empty module area by clicking on the downward pointing arrow that is in the right-hand corner of each module area.