The Live Desktop Streamer Application can be run from your computer desktop without the need of a web browser.

The steps to install the desktop shortcut icon are:

1. Open a web browser and login to the Live Desktop Application Streamer.

2. On the webpage that loads the streamer, you will see a 'Download' button located above the streamer on the right-hand side of the webpage.

3. Click the 'Download' button.

Your web browser will prompt you to open or save a file. If you are given the option to open the file, select 'Open file'.

If you are not given the option to open the file, save the file and open it manually from your 'Downloads' folder. 

4. To open the file manually from your 'Downloads' folder, double-click on 'qs.jnlp' located in your 'Downloads' folder.

5. After these steps are completed, a login box will appear. Once you login, a desktop icon will appear on your desktop.

Your are now able to login by double-clicking on the Live Streamer Desktop Application icon on your computer desktop.