The steps to register for streaming market data are below:

1. Click on 'Register Today'

2. Please select if you are a non-professional or professional user:

Once you make a professional or non-professional selection, please select the country that you are located in. Please click "Continue".

3. Non-Professional users will be able to customize their data packages and services without the help of a customer service representative. 

Streaming services are available in three packages: Basic, Advanced, and Premium services. These services include TSX, Nasdaq, and NYSE information, with a 15 minute delay. Live data is available for these services for an additional cost under "Real-Time Data Packages".

4. Real-time data subscriptions are available to professional and non-professional users who require non-delayed stock information. 

  • Real-time Level 1 data is viewable to all Basic, Advanced, and Premium subscribers.
  • Real-time Level 2 data is only available in to Advanced or Premium subscribers. 

If you are interested in a 7-day free trial, do not include any real-time data-packages, as this will void your trial.

5. Enter your user details under "User Information" and enter a unique user name and password under "Login Information".

You may be asked to re-enter a user login, if an account with the similar name already exists. Please enter a unique username and password that you will remember.

6. Subscriptions to our services are available through monthly or annual payments. Please select if you prefer to be billed monthly or annually.

After selecting your preferred payment method, payments can be entered using VISA, MasterCard, or American Express. If you have any billing questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our billing department at 1-480-905-7311.