The kaspersky firewall setting block the TCP and UDP traffic by default, follow the steps to re-configure the setting if you are not able to connect to related sites.

1. Open the Kaspersky setting page 

2. Locate the 'Firewall' section

3. Make sure the firewall is enable, 'Internet' is set to Public network, and the network adapter(name may vary) beneath 'Internet' is set to Trusted network.

4. Click on 'Settings...' to edit the packet rules.

5. Select 'Packet rules' tab in the settings. Select 'Local Services(TCP)' and click 'Edit' to change the action from 'Block' to 'Allow'. Repeat the steps for 'Local Services(UDP)'. Make sure the permission icon for both are label as a green check mark.

6. Open 'Internet Explorer' and go to 'Internet Option' for Windows users. 

7. Navigate to 'Security' tab and select 'Trusted sites'. Then click on 'Sites' to add trusted site to allow traffic access.

8. Add the following sites. Adding more sites if you think it is necessary. 

9. Clear browser cache and restart browser. Now you should be able to access the sites in the trusted sites zone.