The RTD feature allows you to stream Live Desktop Streamer information into your Excel spreadsheet. This information can be used as part of a formula that will display real-time information that you have analyzed and is based off of live information.

To use the RTD feature, please follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Live Desktop Streamer Application. Select the “File” menu, and then select “Preferences”

  2. Underneath the “RTD Settings” area, please ensure that 'RTD Mode' is set to “Native”. After setting 'RTD Mode' to “Native”, press 'Close' and close the Live Desktop Streamer Application.

  3. Download a RTD Sample Spreadsheet from

  4. Right-click on the “Excel” icon, and select “Run as Administrator”. Your computer may ask for permission for this program to make changes to computer. Click “Yes”.

  5. Right-click on the “Live Desktop Streamer” icon, and select “Run as Administrator”, as in the last step.

  6. Return to Excel, and open the RTD Sample Spreadsheet file that you downloaded earlier.

  7. Excel may prompt you to "Enable Editing" on the file. Please click on "Enable Editing", as this will give permission for Excel to update the file using the RTD feature.

  8. After enabling editing, you should now see the values in Excel update their information.

For more information on RTD, please visit the RTD Overview and Instructions manual at