The DDE feature allows you to stream Live Desktop Streamer information into your Excel spreadsheet. This information can be used as part of a formula that will display real-time information that you have analyzed and is based off of live information.

The DDE feature is no longer supported by Microsoft Excel. To use the DDE feature, we would recommend using Open Office.

To use the DDE feature, please follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Live Desktop Streamer Application in "Administrator Mode".  To open the live desktop application in "Administrator Mode", right-clicking on the “Live Desktop Streamer” icon and then select “Run as Administrator”.

  2. Your computer may ask for permission for this program to make changes to computer. If you are asked for permission, please click “Yes”.

  3. Run Open Office in "Administrator Mode" by following the instructions above.
  4. To enter live information into a cell, enter this formula below into a cell:


  5. Replace symbol, in the formula above, with the symbol that you would like information on. For example, MSFT would be entered as the symbol for Microsoft. Next, replace information with the type of information that you would like on the symbol, such as Last for the last known value of the symbol.
  6. Please be sure to enter the symbol and information type surrounded by quotation marks, as the information requires that the quotation marks surround the entries in the formula.
  7. Live information should now appear in the open office spreadsheet cells.

For more information on DDE, please visit the DDE Overview and Instructions manual at