Anti-virus and firewall software is commonly categorized into two categories: professional and personal services.  

Professional services are usually maintained by an IT Administration staff at your company whereas personal services are maintained by yourself-- or a family member- in your home.

The Live Desktop Streamer Application is a web-based service that requires an internet connection to run its services. Anti-virus and firewall software can commonly interfere with this internet connection, which stops the internet connection that is necessary to run these services.

In a professional environment, you may ask your IT Administration staff these questions:

1) Are there any firewall or anti-virus configurations that may limit my internet connections?

  • If there are firewall or anti-virus configurations, ask your IT staff to ensure that access is permitted to through your firewall or security software. You may also need to ensure to connect through port 80 and that this port is properly forwarded to the personal IP on your computer. 
  • If there are no firewall or anti-virus configurations, then ask your IT staff to double-check that a current version of Java is installed on your computer, internet connections are enabled through UDP and TCP ports, and that your computer has sufficient user administration privileges to properly run Java.

In a personal environment, you may ensure that your anti-virus is configured properly.

1) If your security software allows you to lower the level of security, such as from 'high' to a 'medium' setting, please incrementally lower your security settings and test if the level of security that is selected allows the Live Desktop Streamer to run. Once you find a setting that allows the Live Desktop Streamer to run, and is sufficient for your security settings, you have properly configured the level of security that you need to run the Live Desktop Streamer.

2) Your security software may show an "Advanced" configuration area that has access to firewall settings. Please temporarily disable the firewall to see if you can run the Live Desktop Streamer while your firewall is temporarily disabled. If the Live Desktop Streamer works while the firewall is disabled, reactivate the firewall and look at specific settings that you can edit that will allow the Live Desktop Streamer to run while allowing you to have sufficient security.

At any time that you may have more specific anti-virus configuration questions, or need help with these configurations, please feel free to call your anti-virus company or our help desk technicians at 1-877-367-5970.