There are many different entitlements for different exchanges, which makes can sometimes make it difficult to understand why you are receiving delayed data when you think that you have signed up for live data. To begin, all Live Desktop Streamer accounts have delayed data unless exchange entitlements are subscribed to in addition to your Basic, Advanced, or Premium service package.

The 'DL' text will appear beside any symbol that is receiving delayed data. For example, you will see the 'DL' text to the right of the ^RUA symbol below:

If you see 'DL' next to the symbol, then you are receiving delayed data. If you believe that you are entitled for this symbol, please double-check that you are entering the symbol correctly. You may incidentally be entering the version of the symbol for the Canadian exchange, for example, instead of the American exchange. 

As you can see in the screenshot below, there are two versions of the RY symbol for Royal Bank, as Royal Bank trades on the Canadian TSX exchange and the NYE:

By entering ":CA" after the symbol, I can specify that I want to look up the RY symbol on the TSX change that I am entitled for. On the other hand, if I do not specify this, I may not bring up the symbol that I am entitled for as it is on a different exchange. 

If you would like to double-check that you are entitled for a specific exchange, you may look up all your entitlements by logging into the website portal. After you are logged into the website, click on "Accounts" and then click on "Modify Product". A list of all your entitlements will appear. 

If you have the correct entitlements on your account, and you are entering the correct symbol for the corresponding entitlement, you will no longer experience any difficulties. If any difficulties continue to persist, please call our help desk technical support staff at 1-877-367-5970.