Occasionally it is necessary to clear your browser's cache. Occasionally the cache can cause issues displaying web content properly. Please follow the instructions for your platform below.


Google Chrome.

First open the Google Chrome browser.

1. Enter: chrome://settings/clearBrowserData in your browser bar
2. Check the box next to Cashed images and files (make sure the other boxes are not checked unless you want to clear that data as well)
3. In the drop down menu next to Obliterate the following items from: select the beginning of time.
4. Click Clear browsing data on the bottom right of the menu.
5. Close all Chrome windows and re-open the Chrome program.


First open Firefox.

  1. On Firefox the process is very simple, press command + shift + delete (hold down keys in sequence provided).

  2. Under details, deselect everything except Cache. (see screenshot below)

  3. Click Clear Now.

  4. Close all browser windows and re-open Firefox.


First open Safari.

  1. Open a Safari window and then press and hold command + ,

  2. In the Preferences window click on the Privacy tab.

  3. Click the Remove All Website Data button, then press the Remove Now button to confirm.

  4. Close all Safari windows and re-open Safari.

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