With the latest release of Microsoft's Windows operating system, comes a new browser (Microsoft Edge). Unfortunately at this time Edge does not support the use of the Java plugin necessary to access the Streamer.

Please note if this is a newly purchased laptop or personal computer you will have to install Java as it will not be available from a factory fresh state. Follow the guide below and access the java website in Internet Explorer to install.

Edge has been made the default built in browser for Windows 10, granting it an icon on the task bar and desktop. However, Internet explorer can still be accessed.

1. Within Edge: Open Page in Internet Explorer

Luckily Microsoft has added the ability to open the same page being viewed in Edge in Internet Explorer, simply open the More Actions icon in Edge, which is the ellipses at the top right of the screen, and then select Open with Internet Explorer.

The page will launch in a new internet explore window.

2. Windows Start Menu

Internet explorer can be accessed via the start menu, simply type "Internet Explorer" into the search bar and the program will display in the returned search results. Click the program to open.